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CAD Services.

Want help with transitioning from one software to the next, or you need help with BIM application and development? Reach-out to us. We will help you save money and time with our effective process for BIM/Revit model development done the right way.  Let us know how we can help you move forward.


Model Building

Revit Modeling in Autodesk Revit Architecture, Revit MEP and Structures. Here we use your template, your libraries and discuss best practice for file organization and modeling before beginning any model to ensure the resulting model is as specific to your standard as possible. We can start the model using either CAD or PDF files. Our BIM experts will define exactly what building components you need in the model, and to what level of development that each component should be built. This will help create a model that is less chaotic and easy to manage using Naviswork. We will also be sharing with your staff 3D modeling best practices. We can also continue to help your staff build and maintain your firms Revit family content library. This can be added to the contract to ensure the best integrated project delivery. 



3D visualization helps to communicate a lot more vision and intent to a layman then 2D would thereby saving time and money. So getting it right is key. This is where we come in. We will help to create and organize all the needed components and family assembly that will be essential to the effective development of your model to make it as informative and flawless as possible for ease of collaboration with all partners. The more information the design model can supply, the better the use and the more efficient the delivery. For a more streamlined integrated project delivery. 

BIM Model


BIM model implementation is now one of the easiest ways to save time and money before the design goes into construction. The ease of sharing the model within a company and the client as made for a better way of communicating the design intent of a project.

CAD Document


When you are press for time for a big presentation or have a deadline to meet for design development or construction documents, let us help you crank out the needed documents. With our staff background in architecture design and construction, we can help produce permit set drawings, construction documents, detail drawings both 2D and 3D view details as needed. Let us help you move ahead.

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