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BIM Management.

Help on Your Revit /

BIM Projects

BIM technologies like Revit are complex, as are the associated workflows. It is important to have someone on your side, who has experience making the right decisions. By partnering with Form2life, you will get the benefits of a highly experienced full-time BIM manager at an affordable cost. 

BIM Management 


Our BIM staff will work with your firm on a scheduled basis ranging from monthly to multiple days per week. With each visit, we’ll provide direction and answer staff needs and questions, all with the intention to work on the long-term goals. Services can be delivered in person, remotely or both, you can also increase or decrease support services to suit your firm’s needs. Our goal is to help your firm achieve goals for the year in every project and create a prioritized master list of tasks.

Typical BIM Management tasks include:

  • Long Term Strategic Planning and Development of Short term and/or Long term Goals

  • Hour to hour or Day to Day Support

  • Revit Template development as well as Revit Family Library Development

  • Customized Training & Workshops (Revit features and best practices)

  • Project Reviews / Auditing

  • New Staff Orientation – BIM standards review

  • Standards\Best Practices Development

  • With or without Navisworks

  • BIM Execution Plan Development

  • Project Kickoffs and alignment with IPD (integrated project development)

  • Revit Skills Assessment (for New Employees)

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