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REVIT Training. 



To be able to use the BIM software Revit, you need training. No matter how minimal, you need to understand the basic rules and the best practices. This helps to lay the foundation. The rest is practice and constant use. But for the best productivity, the key is a detail-oriented template and a very comprehensive library. And at every opportunity always Look to perfect your library content as you grow.


All Revit projects are started from templates. If you are new to Revit, you may be under the impression that the default template in the AutoDesk Revit software are a great place to start. And you will be right to a small extent.

Templates have to be customized with your custom graphics standards, prototype sheets, legends, schedules, details, and modeling components, so you and your staff can focus more on the design, than on the drafting. When you have a custom template in place, you save times on your projects.



Revit Families are the building blocks for your project. By organizing and building a comprehensive library, you save time on all your projects.

At F2L we provide training at all levels for Revit Architecture, Structure and MEP. We work with you on individual or group setting. Learn what you need and your goals and tailor the training to your needs to get you to your goals. Let us help you and your firm grow with the changes.

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